Operations and Logistics

  • Budget Management –  We know the importance of managing costs, proving value and making tough decisions on what to keep and what to discard. We’ve managed programs ranging from $3k – $10M and everything in-between.
  • Entertainment and Décor – From background music to getting your group fully engaged from head to toe and dancing on their feet, we guide you to the best entertainment and décor options your budget will allow.
  • Food & Beverage Management – We work to tailor creative menus and beverage pairings to your attendee demographics and your themed activities. We view the food and drink as part of the entire event experience for your attendees.
  • Housing & Registration – Do you need to control who is in your housing block at contracted hotels? We have the resources to manage these details for you along with housing changes and additions.  We can also help guide you in building out your registration system by making sure we ask the right questions up front of your attendees.
  • Production – Simple or high tech – we have you covered with many options for your production needs to include stage design, video creation, audio-visual support, scripting and speaker ready management.
  • Project Management – We build your timelines and help you manage all your deadlines to execute a successful event. We will be the right hand that you can’t live without!
  • Promotional Items – Creating passion around a brand is as important as the creativity we love to bring to an event. What better way than gifting your attendees with something that is relevant, personal to their needs to get their job done better and serves as a memory of the fantastic event you just executed?  We can help you explore and identify all of your attendee branded gifts.
  • Security – Do you have equipment that needs guarding at night, or full-fledged evacuation plans for your Executive team? We work with your corporate security team to ensure your event meets company security standards.
  • Sourcing and Contracting Venues – Need help sourcing a venue or hotel? We can manage this process for you.  From site selection to contracting and on-site execution, we ensure your group picks the best place to create a ‘WOW! moment’ for your attendees. We negotiate on your behalf and ensure your contracts bring extraordinary value to your program.
  • Speaker Research and Contracting – Finding the right speaker for your audience can take hours of research. Gingersnap Event Marketing, LLC has relationships with countless speakers that can help you get your message across and make your conference memorable.
  • Staffing – Need an extra set of hands or a full army on site? We provide experienced resources to help manage all aspects of your programs.
  • Transportation – Need to move 100 – 5,000 people at once using buses, boats or trains? Or provide a ‘WOW! moment’ helicopter arrival for an incentive program or VIP attendees?  We help you identify your programs transportation needs and negotiate with local vendors to provide you the best service and value.  We also manage all the transportation on-site at your program.
  • VIP Management – Every event has multiple VIPs, and we take great pride in our high-touch professional services and VIP handling. We have managed up to 140 VIPs at once. Put us in touch with your CEO’s Executive Assistant, and we will ensure their experience is seamless.  From custom individualized agendas, private meeting room management and exceptional amenities – our VIP management team will ensure Executives pat you on the back for a job well done.
  • Wrap Up (AKA Celebration!) – The event is over. Your Marketing team is glowing, you are shining, and your boss is thrilled.  It’s time to make toasts and celebrate your fantastic event. Let us help you create a ‘Wrap Up’ celebration for the planning team that helped you get to the finish line.

What We Do