How We Do It

Once we understand your needs and have partnered with you to set goals, we collaborate with you to create impactful moments for your attendees and map out your attendee experience creating ‘WOW! moments’ that fit within your budget.

A well-planned event is great, but if everyone in the organization doesn’t know what is happening or what is expected of them, then you’ve wasted a lot of time and money.  We help by asking you the questions to make sure the sales organization, C-levels and key decision makers are informed and excited for the benefits your event will provide. We work with you to develop internal communications to your employees to ensure they have the details to make the event successful.

We will help develop communications for your event. We want to ensure attendees have all the necessary information about the program including what they will learn to how to engage before the event on social media, and down to the smallest details like what they must pack. From advertising to multiple broadcasting channels, we make sure we cover everything to make your communication clear and precise.

The experience you want your attendees to have demands that we pay attention to your strategy and design a program that becomes brand recognizable. Within the event, we determine together how to educate, entertain and motivate your audience.  Every touch point gets addressed during the design phase: from VIP arrivals and stage designs to gifts and signage. We develop high-impact ideas to make your program extraordinary!

Once we identify the experience you want your attendees to have, you can leave the meticulous, infinite details and execution to us.  We ensure that you are reminded of all key deadlines to help bring your vision to life.

Mobile apps, registration, gamification, experimental marketing – there is so much for us to cover when it comes to event technology.  We help you evaluate what works within your budget and what will help you achieve the best ROI for your program.

We can help you develop surveys, manage your post event debriefs, and make sure we evaluate any lessons learned.  We wrap things up with a bow providing you final billing of all vendors, budget totals and assist in ROI measurements.

What We Do